Why I Volunteer

Benefits of Volunteering
  • - Gain confidence. 
  • - Make a difference. 
  • - Meet people and make new friends.
  • - Be part of a community. 
  • - Learn new skills. 
  • - Take on a challenge. 
  • - Have fun!

Below are testimonials from a select few of our many canine teams:

Why volunteer

Volunteering at Dogability is a very fulfilling thing for me.  Seeing the challenges that so many people face daily and then to be able to help them with my dog is priceless. It also  gives me an opportunity to spend quality time with my dog and meet other people .

I particularly enjoy working with those that have a fear of dogs, as I know Sergio can help make that go away.                      

~ Judy & Sergio

My heart is bursting with joy when Beacon and I finish a session with these special children, young adults or senior citizens that come to DogAbility.  I see my Beacon make them giggle and smile, when some may have had a fear of him. I cannot tell you how much joy I get when he can makes a nonverbal young woman smile. This is why I love my work at Dogability.

~ Sharyn & Beacon

Being a part of DogAbility provides me with an opportunity to have a positive impact on someone's life. While it makes me feel like I'm helping someone, it's really my sweet Goldendoodle that has the ability to make a connection. Whether it's to provide comfort, begin to get over a fear or simply to put a smile on someone's face, it all happens with my Dog's Ability to touch someone's life. And that's all the reward I need!

~ Christopher & Pringle

I volunteer at DogAbility because it is a place with a purpose, a purpose for the children and adults who come there and for both the volunteers and their dogs. Children and adults attend a session at dog at DogAbility for comfort, learning and some just to have a fun time. Our dogs can learn as well as the participants. Special needs children and adults sometimes arrive with some anxiety and leave with a smile. Children with a fear of dogs eventually learn how to put that fear aside. Senior adults come for comfort and a smile that our dogs bring to them. There is a certain satisfaction which I achieve in seeing these transformations

~ Peggy & Harper

DogAbility is an amazing place where people and dogs connect and learn from each other. I am a volunteer dog handler along with my dog Shelby. We have lovingly worked with kids and adults with special needs, seniors, children who have a fear of dogs, and kids parties for those that love dogs.  The unconditional love that a dog gives is priceless.

DogAbility has changed the lives of so many people, including my own. What an incredible feeling when a special needs child or adult has connected with a dog and accomplished a task or a child afraid of dogs feels confident enough to actually pet a dog. The dogs love being at DogAbility. The pride they feel when finishing an obstacle course or making someone laugh or smile brings them great joy.

Come see where the magic happens and even volunteer. It will definitely be the highlight of your day and it will fill your heart with joy.

~ Margherita & Shelby

I started volunteering at Dogability with my 5 pound dog Peta to share her with others. She loves children and it is a great fit for her to be loved by so many. What I didn't realize is how much the fear of dog program would touch my heart. To see people who are so afraid of dogs learn how to be in the room with them makes you feel like you and your dog are truly making a difference. Some even grow so much as to hold her in their lap and pet her. To witness this beautiful change from fear to love has melted my heart.   

~ Diane & Peta

Michi is a very sweet pup with a lot of kindness to share; I love to see all the joy she helps spread at DogAbility!

~ Holli & Michi

When I got Cooper as a puppy, I knew he was going to be a therapy dog. After having him certified, I realized I wanted to do more than 5 minute visits in rooms at retirement facilities or hospitals. I wasn’t feeling accomplished and he needed more. When I found DogAbility Center, it automatically became our home away from home. 

Cooper is SO GOOD at what he does. From working the ‘Fear of Dogs' program, to working with adults and children with special needs, to private socialization sessions, and of course the birthday parties, he is a rock star. My gentle giant is loved by everyone he meets and his presence is soothing. He is patient and kind and is in his element in this program.
DogAbility is magical! I am honored and humbled every time we are there. As a volunteer, it is something I truly enjoy being a part of - the smiles, laughter, and progress we see is worth it’s weight in ‘golden’! 

~ Jeanne & Cooper

Volunteering at DogAbility is such a wonderful gift! Every Session we attend is so different. It could be Special Needs Children, Scout Troops working towards their badges, adults or children who have a real fear of dogs, or Birthday Parties for kids of all ages!

It is a very Magical Place where you and your dog will learn about each other and make a difference!

~ Paula and Cleo

We love volunteering for DogAbility. Sasha is a very friendly and athletic dog who loves to perform tricks and run the obstacle course. She loves children and will pose for a picture or just snuggle on a lap to be pet. Volunteering  is very rewarding. We love to educate, entertain and/or comfort all those we meet.

~ Pat & Sasha

I have been with DogAbility since the inception. I have found the indescribable satisfaction on a child’s face, whether autistic or not, from interacting with dogs. I personally had a dog that has since passed, Mickey, who served in the program for 3 years and was more of a comfort dog, My current dog, Willie, has been trained at 3 months old to do all aspects of DogAbility and has really learned very quickly. I believe in this concept and will continue to enjoy its accomplishments.

~ Kevin & Willie

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