Team Prep Sessions

Once you as a team have passed your initial evaluation, you will then be on your way to becoming a Certified Activity Therapy Team (C.A.T.T).

You will be attending Team Prep Sessions where you will learn how the program works as well as what you are to be doing during sessions with our participants.

Our sessions with participants and canine teams are scheduled 7 days a week. Each session requires between 2-8 canine teams in attendance. We identify these canine teams as comfort dogs and/or activity dogs.  

A comfort dog is required to stay seated or lying down for petting. These dogs usually attend a private session with a participant who has a fear or anxiety around dogs, or with seniors and/or adults with special needs who may be fragile and less mobile.

An activity dog has energy, focus and enthusiasm for engaging with children and adults doing jumps, tunnels, riding in wagons, chasing balls, playing tug and doing assorted tricks. 

Contact us at so we can answer your questions and/or discuss your role and attendance at upcoming sessions or events. 

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