Doggie & Me

Doggie & Me sessions are a wonderful introduction to teaching young children to respect dogs with the comfort of Mommy, Daddy or caretaker present.

Every child should learn how to act around dogs, even if you do not have a dog at home.

These sessions with our dogs and your preschooler are directed by Early Childhood educators and taught by warm and loving individuals. Preschoolers will interact with our gentle dogs while bonding with Mom and/or Dad. Doggie & Me offers an environment that will enhance early learning, build socialization skills, and increase confidence and independence while Mom and/or Dad and child spend joyful times together.

Safe interactions between kids and dogs are what every dog-loving parent wants. During your child’s interactions with our dogs, he will learn to communicate and play appropriately with a dog and understand what gentle, enjoyable petting looks and feels like. We will teach your child to play structured games with our dogs, such as fetch, tug-of war and hide-and-seek.

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Monday to Friday - 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday - 10 am to 5 pm
By appointment only


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