Two terms we often use for therapy are animal-assisted activities (AAA) and animal-assisted therapy (AAT)  Both have been shown to be very beneficial for animals and humans alike, but there is little information out there about the difference between the two, and it's an important distinction.

AAA - This is a session without the presence of a medical professional, with no specific goals for treatment, and notes are not usually taken. The purpose is to bring a smile and some sunshine into someone's life.

AAT - This is a session with a defined goal to treat a problem, and progress is measured carefully. The animal meets specific criteria to achieve that goal under the supervision of a medical professional. The sessions are carefully constructed to meet the treatment goals.

DogAbility’s mission is to provide innovative canine-assisted experiences, using certified activity therapy dogs with skilled handlers that afford stimulation, encouragement and entertainment to better the lives and well-being of children and adults of all abilities in the community.

DogAbility is the only one of its kind on Long Island to invite participants to attend an all-inclusive location where a specialized canine-interactive experience is aligned with a participant's needs. Activities are designed for those individuals and/or groups who would benefit from comfort, education, recreation, socialization, as well as physical, emotional or psychological improvement. Participants include adults and children with and without special needs. The opportunity of having multiple activities available in one centralized location brings enhanced value to DogAbility participants.

In addition to passive experiences with dogs, DogAbility also offers “action oriented” activities utilizing elements of canine sport. Among the activities provided at DogAbility are private and group sessions where participants engage with trained dogs who run through tunnels, go over jumps and ride in wagons.

In order for canine teams to do what we do with individuals and groups of participants, DogAbility offers dog training sessions that not only prepare an owner and his/her dog for a DogAbility Certification but also prepare teams to acquire the American Kennel Club (AKC) CGC and CGCA Certifications.

In addition to formal training sessions, our canine teams are placed in a variety of sessions with children and adults. They interact with the participants on our equipment as well as engaging them using tricks and games. Supported by seasoned handlers during sessions assures that new dog handlers while being observed are also increasing their skills and confidence.

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